Ready for tomorrow’s battlefield

Contemporary defence technologies must be able to handle a wide range of threats, deliver excellent situational awareness and interoperate effectively with allied forces.
The HITFACT® MkII is the world’s first large-calibre turret equipped with a high pressure MBT gun to be installed on a 8×8 wheeled vehicle. Fully digital, the system stands ready to meet modern requirements.

Missions & Features

Qualified, in production and in service

The HITFACT® MkII is NATO qualified and in production. It represents the state-of-art in terms of firepower, connectivity and survivability. The latest model in the HITFACT family, more than 500 units already in service with armed forces worldwide, the MkII stands out for its fully digital optronic sensor suite, upgraded survivability and electric turret drives, which together deliver high levels of safety and performance.

Modular architecture for 105mm or 120mm weapon systems

The turret’s flexible design allows it to be integrated with either 105/52 mm rifled or 120/45 mm smoothbore low recoil force guns. This enables the use of any NATO standard ammunition, as well as the latest kinetic energy and multipurpose rounds. Depending on user requirements, the turret can be integrated with command and control, navigation and net-centric communications to boost situational awareness, while high ballistic protection and a counter-IED system improve survivability in challenging environments.

Suitable for wheeled or tracked vehicles

With a turret frame manufactured from a high performance ballistic alloy and a low recoil force gun, the HITFACT® MkII can be installed on board light wheeled vehicles and medium tanks, equipping them with firepower equivalent to a Main Battle Tank while also delivering pinpoint accuracy and maintaining mobility. Taking on board lessons learned in operational theatres and extreme environmental conditions, the turret makes use of the latest technologies in order to facilitate ease of integration onto both wheeled and tracked platforms. 

Technical data

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