Electronic warfare

Electronic countermeasures and self-protection systems to disrupt and neutralise incoming threats, designed to form an effective defensive shield protecting the crew of aircraft, naval and land vehicles in today’s increasingly complex operational environments. These highly customisable technologies are also essential for protection of strategic infrastructure such as airports.



Eurofighter Typhoons equipped with Defensive Aids Sub-System (DASS)


Leonardo is responsible for electronic warfare systems


the most advanced ‘expendable’ countermeasure to guard against radar-guided missiles

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for Cyber & Electromagnetic work



Equipment to combat and counteract Remotely Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED) by blocking the radio transmission system used to trigger them. Designed in response to the operational requirements of tactical scenarios on land, these technologies offer an effective ‘electronic shield’ for security forces.


Technologies to counteract the risk of drone interference with air traffic around airports and protect critical infrastructure against the malicious or accidental incursion of remotely piloted aircraft. Integrated systems incorporating sensors to locate, track and identify hostile aircraft, a command and control module to contextualise information received, jamming devices to interfere with drone commands and threat response systems.


A device to protect aircraft and naval assets against radar and infrared guided torpedoes and missiles, capable of luring the threat away from the real target by giving off ‘ghost signals’. Coordinated with active defence systems and capable of operating in all weather conditions, the decoy enables continuous engagement with rapid loading and firing.

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