Air Traffic Management

Leonardo’s Air Traffic Management (ATM) technologies and services for manned and uncrewed aircraft ensure control of all stages of flight and management of ground operations through integrated and modular systems. Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems, radar, surveillance sensors, cyber security solutions, communication and navigation aids, provide support to airport management operators.



countries using Leonardo’s ATC systems


weather radar systems in operation in more than 80 countries


air traffic control centres


radars and 1,000 navigation systems


Air Traffic Surveillance

Integrated Air Traffic Management/Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (ATM/CNS) systems for commercial and military aviation – including high performance primary and secondary radar, weather sensors, operations centres based on distributed intelligence, multi-tracking systems and communication networks – capable of improving situational awareness through integrated air traffic images and data from aircraft.

Air Traffic Centres

Solutions meeting the strictest international requirements for operations on the ground and in flight. Integrated systems capable of improving the efficiency of processes with advanced man-machine interfaces featuring a high degree of automation and interoperability.

Air Traffic Communications

Complete multi-mode voice and data communication systems which are dependable, redundant and easily integrated with multiple communication networks. They work alongside operators and air traffic controllers to co-ordinate communication networks and devices for optimal airport hub management.

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