Command and Control

Command and control solutions supporting mission planning and execution with real-time integration of tactical information from sensors deployed across air, sea and land domains. Systems based on open, modular architecture, boosting the operational efficiency of forces in the field and supporting the decision-making process.


fire control and tracking radar systems on board Italian Navy ships and international naval fo


Combat Management Systems (CMS) integrated on Italian and international military vessels


Battlespace management & Force Protection

Solutions for land-based defence applications, supporting armed forces with digital transformation of military systems to operate in today’s increasingly complex and challenging mission scenarios. Land-based radar, fire control systems, optronics, persistent surveillance networks, mission planning and integrated communication systems in an interoperable net-centric architecture offering a rapid, decisive, secure response to continually evolving potential threats.

Strategic support systems and C4I systems

Systems supporting the chain of command and control, enabling cooperation between all platforms across air, land, sea and sub-sea, manned and uncrewed, guided by operations centres. Complete, scalable solutions offering a wide range of functions: real-time creation, distribution and viewing of shared operational images, navigation, threat assessment and assignment of weapons, defence system management and mission planning.

Combat Management System

Highly flexible, modular Combat Management Systems (CMS) adaptable to all types of naval assets, from patrol vessels to aircraft carriers and submarines. Based on fully redundant, scalable architecture, these systems integrate and re-use multi-mission capabilities to ensure the acquisition, merging and management of data for effective assessment of operational scenarios and management of available resources for rapid, effective decision-making.

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