Networks, communication systems, terminals and satellite connections capable of guaranteeing stable, secure connectivity for transmission of voice and data, and ensuring synergy between command, control and surveillance in net-centric environments. These systems enable sharing of tactical and strategic information in the air, sea and land domains to support troops and crews.


of the world’s armies use communication systems



Radios and terminals for secure, flexible exchange of voice and data in all theatres of operation, however extreme. HF systems, tactical radios and ‘software-defined radios’ with access to multiple frequencies and the capability to implement multiple protocols and applications, ensuring large-scale operational flexibility and interoperability.

Network infrastructure

Solutions for tactile communication networks and ‘beyond line of sight’ connections based on HF transmission and IP technology, guaranteeing secure exchange of data, images and voice over vast areas and in all operating conditions.

Satellite communications

Communication systems ensuring flexible, secure, continuous access to satellites via fixed, mobile, vehicular, flyaway and portable multiband terminals.

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