The CM107 is a family of programmable high-grade encryptors for protecting voice and data communications according to the operational and technical requirements of the complex contemporary missions. The CM107 are market-acknowledged for airborne, land and naval applications and can work in narrowband or wideband modes. They are ITAR free and their architecture has been updated to the NATO requirements of the Crypto Modernization Program.

Missions & Features

Innovation at the service of integration

CM107 can work in connection with either wired lines or radios supporting HF, V/UHF or SatCom waveforms and, thanks to the latest introduced capabilities, it can replace the previous generation of ANDVT/VINSON crypto devices. CM107 enhances the multi-national/multi-vendor interoperability and it is capable of supporting a wide set of operative modes, enabling the support of specific-domain requirements.

Continuously improving

The last born of the family, CM107E-M, is the modernized version of the field-proven device CM107E retaining its form, fit, connectors, pin out and functions, allowing the plug-and-play replacement of currently used CM107E. CM107E-M has a standard fill connector for key loading from any electronic key fill device compliant with EKMS-308F. The CM107E-M encryptor can support new functionalities by incremental updates.

Compliance with the strictest international standards

The CM107E-M introduces new interoperability capabilities, being compliant with both the Secure Tactical Communications Interoperability Standard (STaC-IS), in accordance with the NATO STANAG 5068, and the Tactical Secure Voice Cryptographic Interoperability Specifications (TSVCIS) standards.  

Multi domains and multi platforms applications

The CM107 encryptors are ruggedized for airborne, land and naval deployment, thus satisfying a wide set of operational needs for different platforms. One or more encryptors can be simultaneously programmed and remotely controlled by the CP107E Remote Control Unit, replicating the unit front panel, which allows the encryptors to be operated also when they are installed in bays or in different rooms.

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