Kronos Dual Band

Multifunction Dual Band AESA radar

Multifunction Dual Band AESA radar 

The new fixed four-face dual-band Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar system is suitable for installation on various naval platforms and ensures superior system performance regardless of the threat from air and surface, including ballistic missiles. The reconfigurability of activities and dynamic allocation simultaneously allow surveillance, dedicated tracking, missile guidance, support for firing and electronic attack in all directions.

Missions & Features

Scalable architecture

The KRONOS Dual Band is a multifunction radar in X and C band, it combines two AESA radar architectures: the KRONOS Quad with four fixed panels in C Band and the KRONOS StarFire with four fixed panels in X band. Both AESA radars are designed with scalable architecture, in fact the number of TRMs is fixed according to the required performances.

Full interoperability

It is supported by a system manager capable of integrating all the available functions associated with the execution of different tasks, such as fire control, search and track, missile guidance and much more. AESA fixed panels are coordinated by the system operator to minimize electromagnetic interference and to allow the most effective coverage of the entire surveillance volume at 360 ° x 90 °.

Different defence capabilities

KRONOS Dual Band can be integrated into the mast of any warship or supplied as a UNIMAST turnkey solution. The Dual Band Radar has been designed to perform Air Breathing Threat (ABT) and Theatre Ballistic Missile (TBM) defence simultaneously, combined with multiple target fire control capabilities and advanced Electronic Counter-CounterMeasures (ECCM) capabilities based on the use of both the C-band and X-band sensor.

Worldwide integration

It has been chosen by several navies to ensure ship and naval air defence and surveillance capability, being able to provide multiple target tracking, up-link missile transmission and instant track initialization. It performs precise and effective power emission control.  

Easy upkeep

It requires very simple maintenance, leveraging on Leonardo's experience and is also able to guarantee high reliability and graceful degradation. All its activities inside the vessel are performed according with MIL-STD-1742G. 

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