New Generation Dual Use Obstacle Warning System

New Generation Dual Use Obstacle Warning System

LOAM-V2 is a new generation Dual Use active Obstacle Warning System, specifically conceived for small and medium size helicopters being only 13kg weight and 22x25x29cm dimensions.
The system provides on-time detection and warning for small obstacles such as wires (down to 5mm diameter), poles, and structures. 
Its design took advantage of the know-how and experience gained with the operational feedback of the LOAM™ operating on NH90, EH-101 and CH-47 helicopters.

Missions & Features

Revolutionary scanner method

The LOAM-V2 obstacle warning system operates as a laser based radar (LADAR) that scans the area around the intended flight trajectory to collect information about the environment, the terrain and the obstacles. It is a Class 1 eye-safe laser system in accordance with the relevant regulations. The information gathered in real time are processed to be able to identify and classify obstacles and to provide useful aural and visual warnings in due time.

Effective situational awareness in any flight condition

In order to provide the most effective enhancement to the situational awareness under the various flight conditions the system behavior is optimized for higher speed en-route cruise or lower speed approach and hover.

Fast and efficient detection

LOAM-V2 provides the unique capability to steer the field of view in a much larger field of regard performing the so-called “look-into-turn” that allows for an anticipated obstacle detection and warning generation. When flying at lower speed the behavior changes in order to provide a much larger spatial coverage that can be up to the entire 360⁰.


Efficient integration with different systems

LOAM-V2 can be seamlessly integrated with active and passive sensors such as radar, video cameras, fixed or steerable, visual or infra-red, as well as with systems based on obstacle static databases such as HTAWS and GPWS and digital maps DTED, DSM, DVOF. Its characteristics and performances make LOAM-V2 the ideal active sensor for a DVE Class 2 System Solution.


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