RT-200/400 Family

The RT-200/400 is a new family of advanced HF/SSB transceivers for fixed wing and rotary-wing air platforms. These transceivers provide voice/data communications over the 2-30 MHz frequency range with ALE 2G/3G (automatic link establishment) functionality, according to MIL-STD 188-141B (App. A, B, C) / Stanag 4538.

Missions & Feature

Wide range of features

The RT-200/400 transceivers are designed to respond effectively to the needs related to the most severe operating conditions. The family consists of 2 systems with different output powers, 200 or 400 Watts, with a wide range of voice / data services in USB / LSB / AME and CW modulations. Data communication capabilities include MIL-STD 188-110B serial tone modem, High Data Rate, Stanag 4285. The RT-200/400 transceivers are also compatible with external modems implementing tactical data Link 11 and Link 22.

Compactness and efficiency

The transceivers belonging to the RT-200/400 family are all characterized by reduced dimensions and weight, thanks to an innovative electronic design. The RT-200 main components, i.e. the receiver / exciter, pre-post selector and RF power amplifier, are assembled into a single, compact  LRU, ARINC 404 1/2 ATR sized. The RT-400, on the other hand, packs all the features of the RT-200 with a 400W amplifier into a single, 3/4 ATR LRU.

Lower power consumption

The RT200-400 transceivers have 40% less TX power consumption than previous generation products, reducing heat dissipation and greatly improving reliability. Both of these transceivers can be interfaced with the whole Antenna Tuning Units (ATU) family, in order to match any type of existing antenna (Loop, Wire or Notch).

Main functions and modes
  • Voice i.a.w. STANAG 4203 (SSB, USB, LSB, AM)
  • Embedded SELCAL decoder i.a.w. ARINC 714
  • Compatible with Tactical Data Link-11 (STANAG 5511) and with Link-22 (STANAG 5522) featured through external modems
  • Embedded Automatic Link Establishment 2G (ALE/MIL-STD-188-141B, Appendix A) and Link Protection (ALE/MIL-STD-188-141B, Appendix B)
  • Embedded Automatic Link Establishment 3G (ALE/MIL-STD-188-141C)
  • Embedded Enhanced HF Data Link i.a.w. MIL-STD-188-110B & STANAG 4539
  • Supports HF @ Mail i.a.w. STANAG 5066
  • SIMOP through embedded Pre Post Selector filter

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