TMMR: Tactical Multi Mission Radar

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TMMR Tactical Multi Mission Radar is Leonardo’s new C-band AESA radar, designed to detect, classify and track small and high manoeuvring targets. TMMR is a small target detection and tracking radar equipped to perform challenging missions such as counter-UAS and counter-rocket, artillery & mortar. Highly effective to support air defence, battlefield operations, border surveillance and infrastructure protection, Leonardo's TMMR ensures that Armed Forces are prepared to face the latest fast-moving, asymmetric threats.

Mission & Features

Detecting the Almost-invisible

Leonardo's TMMR is suitable for several applications. It is ideal in every case when detection and tracking capability is required for very small, fast and high manoeuvring targets. Typical applications include C-UAS Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems; V-SHORAD Very Short Range Air Defence; C-RAM Counter-Rocket Artillery Mortar; Airport / Critical Infrastructure Surveillance; Air Surveillance Gap Filler; Vehicles Protection; Battlefield Protection.

Lightweight and top performances all in one

The TMMR is a very compact and light radar, it is hand portable by two people, so suitable in any case when an easily and fast deployable radar is required. It couples high mobility needs with top of class performances. It can be configured from one up to four antennas, for a full 360° coverage.

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