ULISSES -Ultra Light SonicS Enhanced System- is the new lightweight modular Sonics System based on edge technology, to provide an affordable solution for advanced Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) operations.
ULISSES implements multistatic capabilities -Sonobuoys/Sonobuoys, Sonobuoys/Dipping Sonar, Sonobuoys/Towed Array- as well as concurrent processing on a large sonobuoys inventory, including the latest special purpose sonobuoys developed to detect low noise targets. Sonobuoys can be both Active and/or passive.

Missions & Features

Operational Flexibility

Thanks to its optimized weight and size, ULISSES is suitable for installation on small platforms both manned and uncrewed (UAV, USV, RHIB) while remaining backwards compatible with dipping Sonar Sub-Systems, typically installed on medium/heavy class helicopters.
Thanks to a cutting edge system architecture the uncrewed version is composed by a single box, about 11kg weight.

Main Functionalities

Accurate Search, detection, localization and classification of targets in shallow and blue waters, thanks to an automatic classification library. ULISSES is designed to reduce operator workload, it is in fact able to provide automatic detection (autoalert), automatic tracking of multiple targets and passive signature classification. ULISSES also provides Buoy Map, Passive and Active Energy Map and Graphic Aids. Information provided are complemented with Sound velocity profile and environment noise measurement.

System Composition

The ULISSES system, in its full version, is composed of a Sonobuoy Processor, able to process up to 64 sonobuoys; a VHF receiver; a Common Function Transmitter; VHF/UHF Antennas. The sonobuoys and antennas can be provided directly by the Customer or optionally provided by Leonardo.
ULISSES supports a variety of sonobuoys including but not limited to : LOFAR, WIDEBAND LOFAR, DIFAR, VLAD, BATHY, HIDAR, ALFEA, CAMBS, LFA, ANM, DICASS. Ulisses processor card can be integrated into Leonardo’s Telemachus transmitter/receiver, thus offering a perfect ultralight solution for UAVs.

Operator Consolle Remotization

The ULISSES system can be fully remotized, this allows to have the data coming from ULISSES integrated with the information available in the Land Command Center or on a ship, thus guaranteeing a complete situation awareness above and under water. This is possible also thanks to the Wide Band Data Link which is already integrated into the ULISSES system.

Technical data

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