Airborne Radios

Leonardo provides integrated high performance avionic systems, capable to meet the most demanding platform requirements and support the missions, by enhancing communications and situation awareness in complex operational scenarios.

Our offerings combine the best of mature technologies and industry innovations, for solutions that strengthen connectivity and protection across domains. 

Leonardo has developed SDR (Software Defined Radio) technology, exploiting its experience in  the European Secure Software defined Radio program (ESSOR), in an efficient low SWaP (Size Weight and Power consumption) architecture that fits a variety of fixed and rotary wing air platforms.

Our products portfolio includes voice/data HF and VHF/UHF radios for LoS and BLoS applications, embedded or stand-alone Cryptos and secure airborne Inter Communication Systems.

SWave® SRT-800 airborne SDR

The SWave® SRT-800 airborne SDR is a state of the art, VHF/UHF transceiver, featuring an excellent SWaP factor and a built-in modular architecture
SRT-800 provides secure and cyber resilient connectivity (including ECCM techniques) in airborne applications, for Military and Civil Agencies looking for reliable radio communications, spanning the entire area of operations.
The radio, as well, delivers critical, high speed, ad-hoc networked communications among domains.

RT-200/400 Family

The RT-200/400 is an HF airborne radio family, providing simplified operations; it features significantly reduced size and weight factors, achieved through an innovative and patented company technology that reduces TX power consumption, heat dissipation and greatly improves reliability.


The CM107E-M is a programmable high-grade encryptor for voice and data communications. It is developed in accordance to the operational and technical requirements of the NATO Crypto Modernization Program and National Secure Mode (NSM) to guarantee Sovereignty and Homeland Security.


The ICS SP1450 is a scalable airborne InterCommunications System, designed for installations onboard fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, with the aim to manage audio communications of all on-board radios, navigation equipment, data links and internal/ external communications facilities through a single architecture.